Feedback from people who have received counselling, coaching or training from Elaine:

“I loved being able to have counselling outdoors.  Combining talking with walking helped me to process my problems and see things for what they are.  As I walked across the bridge I knew I was finally moving forward and am excited for the future. Thank you.”
“You really understood.  Every email was so helpful. Thank you.”
“I am so pleased to have started my own business!  Thank you for coaching and motivating me to thrive by finding and doing what I love.”
“Elaine has wide experience in working with clients with a variety of anxiety issues. She has developed an effective form of counselling in ‘walk and talk,’ which enables clients to be more at ease with the counselling experience. Elaine is particularly skilled in supporting clients with spiritual christian concerns. Her own mature faith enables her to walk alongside christians through the struggles of life and their faith.” Dr Rev Cannon Bill Merrington Counselling Supervisor and Workplace Chaplain
“Elaine has a very professional approach to counselling and has worked hard to get fully accredited. She also understands the sensitive aspects of having an optional spiritual element in her approach with clients. Elaine consistently provided a safe, secure and effective counselling service which I witnessed first hand when together we counselled couples. Feedback from clients was always positive.” Chris Bray Founder and Retired Counselling Manager of Counselling Together which Elaine worked for from 2013-2018 
“Staff morale and performance has improved across the company since Elaine has worked with us.”
“With your help I have been able to forgive myself and others.  A huge weight has been lifted.  Thank for you making such a difference to my day to day life.”
“A nice relaxed manner, good materials, thought provoking and interesting.”
“This course will make my private and professional life more tolerable, fun and productive.”
“I now feel more equipped to grow and develop my wellbeing and resilience.”

“The Wellbeing and Resilience workshop has changed my outlook on life.”

“I feel calmer and have less fear.”

“Having Elaine to talk to has helped me to cope during times of family crises.”
“I feel safe to be myself in this training and that is unusual for me in groups.”

“Excellent. Gave lots of ideas of how to cope.”

“I will look at life and work differently and think positively”

“Elaine was competent and had a calming manner.”

“Elaine is an effective facilitator encouraging the group to engage with one another and the topic. Her knowledge of the subject has been extensive and her ability to communicate with the target audience is always to a high and professional standard.” by Bev McKay Director & Training Consultant Premier Life Skills”

“I would not have been able to believe in myself without your kind support and guidance.  Thank you for journeying with me over these months.”
“I feel safe in counselling.  I can’t believe how you “get me” and remember so much.”
“I have had so many light bulb moments in counselling e.g. realising what I can do to sleep better.”

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