Phone therapy

Would you benefit from some extra support to help you to deal with challenges which impact your day to day life?  Whether you are experiencing a crisis or facing a long term personal challenge telephone counselling can give you an opportunity to access counselling support at a time and in a way which is convenient for you.   If it is difficult for you to travel to counselling perhaps because of distance or pressures of time or perhaps health issues mean you are housebound or you have young children or you have moved to another country for work then you can use telephone counselling to access counselling at flexible times and wherever you are.*  I have flexible daytime availability for new telephone counselling clients.


Elaine Arthur

Many issues can be supported through telephone counselling e.g. shame, stress, depression, loneliness, self-esteem, relationship problems and many more.  In my experience telephone counselling is as effective as face to face counselling and sometimes even more beneficial e.g. in working with shame and anxiety.

My name is Elaine Arthur and my private Counselling and Coaching Practice is called Transforming Together.  I am a Registered Counsellor British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists  and an Accredited Registered Counsellor with the Association of Christian Counsellors UK.   I have undertaken specialist training in Online and Telephone Counselling and I am qualified to work on a one to one basis with adults (over 18’s).  I will provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to be real.

I use many different counselling and coaching models in my work as best fits for you. I  have trained in a Christian model of counselling and can include Christian spirituality in our work if you wish.  All of my services are open to all, of all faiths and none.

Free initial assessment – The starting point for all counselling is to have a free initial no obligation email or phone assessment lasting up to 30 minutes which will then be followed up by a more detailed assessment/introductory session lasting 1 hour.  The fee for the 1 hour session is £45.

Telephone counselling (Worldwide*) – The fee is £45 per hour, based on the client paying for the phone call.  * Some legal and insurance restrictions mean there are some countries of residence where we are unable to provide telephone counselling.  If you live outside of the UK, please check concerning your country. For frequently asked questions about our telephone counselling service see

If you are considering serious self harm please contact your local Emergency Services or the Samaritans email


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